Stadium Survey floats questions about Personal Seat Licenses

It’s clear the Las Vegas Raiders want to make one of the most iconic stadiums in the NFL, but also ensure all the fans are happy at the same time. The best way to do this is through a fan survey, and those signed up with the organisation probably answered a survey earlier in the year regarding Personal Seat Licenses (PSL), recently receiving a second one that goes into more specific detail about the options on offer.

By depositing $100, you could put yourself down to be on the shortlist for a PSL, choosing from one of three tiers. A PSL is a one-time fee that gives you the chance to purchase a season ticket for a particular seat in that stadium for as long as the franchise are there. This includes the right to sell those season tickets or single game tickets, along with getting access to other events held there, such as the Super Bowl. The downside is the PSL owner must purchase a season ticket every year, otherwise they will forfeit their license and any money previously paid. That shouldn’t be an issue, however, considering most teams sell out their season tickets each year and have fans waiting for them.

Proceeds from PSL’s are used to help with stadium costs and construction. A previous survey by the Raiders was used to gauge the interest of these licenses, and it would seem an overwhelming vote was in favour of them so it’s likely they go ahead. 14 other NFL franchises have used the sale of PSL’s to help fund their new stadiums, including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in Atlanta that was opened this year. The PSLs for the Falcons’ new stadium ranged from $500-$2000 in the upper level seating to $10,000-$45,000 for the Club seats on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.

Looking at other stadiums, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Raiders follow suit around these prices. The top-tier club seats have the highest range of value, potentially coming in anywhere between $5,000 – like those for the Jets – and the $100,000 the Cowboys had on theirs. Vegas is a primetime slot for big spenders, and with a high demand for tickets likely, we could see the top-level tier reach six figures like those at AT&T Stadium.

Now you may be wondering what that kind of money would get you, so here is what the top-level seating tier would likely offer:

  • Seats on the lower-level between the 40-yard lines
  • Wider, padded seats with extra legroom
  • Access to exclusive club lounges at field and top levels, with private restrooms
  • All-inclusive food and beverage packages, including alcohol
  • Right to purchase tickets for third party events, such as the Super Bowl
  • Parking pass and a private stadium entrance
  • A VIP experience for training camp
  • Tickets to all 10 Raiders home games (regular season and pre-season), and the right to purchase playoff tickets

That all sounds very appealing for anyone interested in football, especially Raiders fans. To pay for the PSL, fans are likely to be offered three choices; a one-time payment, payment over three years, and payment over 5 years. The one-time payment would see a 6% discount, whilst those over multiple years have interest included.