Bank of America agree to Finance Stadium

In a wild turn of events, Bank of America has reportedly agreed to finance the proposed Las Vegas Raiders stadium, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. After having two backers in Sheldon Adelson and Goldman Sachs pull out, the news is welcomed by all of us that want to see the Silver and Black make their way to greener pastures.

Bank of America funding details

The details of Bank of Americas financial commitment have not come out just yet – please check back here for updates as information becomes available.

The news is especially welcome after it has broken just after Oakland officials made their case to the NFL about the team remaining in Oakland. It has been reported that the proposal made by Oakland officials did not answer any of the long standing problems and questions about the current stadium and did not really provide any answers. No surprises there then.

There have been circulating reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was to step in and help with the financing, but those have been firmly quashed as categorically untrue at this point.

This is a major step in the Las Vegas turning from fiction to fact, and couldnt have come at a better time with the league owners vote coming in the next month.