Raiders Club Seats all sold

The Raiders have overlooked many lifelong fans and sold the best Club Seats to Las Vegas residents in the hope of filling the stadium from day one.

Fans who had registered with the Vegas Raiders for seats at the new stadium got a bit of a shock on Monday.  Despite having paid a deposit, the first email communication most received was a short message informing them that “Club seats are no longer available” and that they’ll receive “additional communication” further down the line.

Now, for anyone hoping to get a Club Seat this is not only annoying but is further irritating in that it is the first any of us have heard anything from the sales function – so previous communication would have been preferred over additional. enquired how come no seats were available.  Had the “club Seats” been pulled as an idea?

No, came the answer, they’ve all been sold.

How could all the club seats be sold?

So how could that have happened when we, and many of you, were probably amongst the first to pay the deposit.  How could they all be sold without us even hearing that they were available to buy.

The Raiders organisation replied, “The current Oakland Season ticket members who placed a deposit had first opportunity to select seats then the local Las Vegas community who placed a deposit after that.”

Now totally gets that faithful Oakland fans should get first dibs.  But Vegas residents?

Why should Vegas Residents get preferential treatment?

Surely most Vegas residents are not and have not been lifelong Raiders fans, like those of us at and many of you reading this. And why do they get preferential treatment when they need to show virtually no commitment to the team other than falling out of their back doors?

Current Raiders fans overlooked, again

Our ‘sales consultant’ replied again, “The Raiders Organization decided they wanted to build a fan base up in the city that they are moving to, here in Las Vegas. We did not want to have the case where the first game starts and 75% of the stadium is either not there or not raiders fans because people outside of Vegas purchased the seats.”

So, some casino valet who has probably never attended an NFL game in their life is being given first choice in the hope they’ll become a Raiders fan and not sell on their ticket to weekend visitors (Ha Ha, good luck with that one).

And Raiders Management are saying to hell with those, like us, who are prepared to travel 10,000 miles from Europe to watch our team and who have been fans for over 40 years.

Not impressed.

Cost of Club Seating

If they’d been available, this is what you’d have paid for one of the Club Seats on the lower deck.

The section on the 50-yard line came in at a handy $75000 per seat, plus the cost of the season ticket, of course. In the sections either side of the 50, it would have cost $35000.

The next couple of sections, which cover the 35 to the 10-yard line was $20000 plus $3500 per season for the tickets.