Keeping the Raiders name and Logo safe

Will the Raiders change their name if they move to Las Vegas?

Will the Raiders change their famously recognisable silver & black colours if they move to Las Vegas?

Will the Raiders change their logo if they move to Las Vegas?

Although the Raiders have filed papers to relocate, a team spokesperson told USA Today that “No rebranding is under consideration”.

And that sound you can now hear is thousands of Raiders fans sighing with relief.

Raiders fans love the silver and black and none of us want it to change. The same goes for the logo, and we feel confident saying it won’t. The silver and black is the Raiders history and its heritage, with them potentially being the only team to have never changed their colours throughout their entire history. The most colour they have ever seen is a tiny bit of yellow on the arms and outlining the numbers in the early 1960s!

Those of you keeping in tune with all the recent relocation news will know the Chargers recently jumped ship and have declared they are going to move to Los Angeles, just one year after the former St Louis Rams did the same. It’s safe to say they did not enjoy a good first season in their new home town, going 4-12, so the once formidable Chargers will hope to avoid that same luck. Unfortunately for them it didn’t start so well.

When the move was announced on Thursday 12th January 2017 the team took to twitter to introduce people to what their new logo would be. It was met with heaps of jokes, memes and basically anything negative you could possibly say. The picture below-left is the first announced Chargers logo, the other picture below-right is the Los Angeles Dodgers logo (who have been based in the city since 1958):

We will let you make your own comparison! After the abuse the team received to this new logo they decided to release another new, revolutionary design…..

Not exactly a big over-haul hey? Since then the Chargers have changed a third (and what looks like final) time to their current logo which can be found on the team’s twitter page.

The Chargers may have turned their move to LA into a rebranding farce, but the history behind the Raiders cannot be messed with.

Long live the silver and black.

Raiders are Back

The Raiders are Back according to coach Del Rio.  “The Raiders are back,” he told the locker room minutes after The Silver and Black’s loss to the Houston Texans at the NRG stadium in their first playoff game since 2002, “just not back where we want to be just yet.”

He went on to praise the team for their 12 wins in the regular season and on the sacrifices they’d all made.  “Your can hold your heads high,” he told the players.

Given what the team have achieved on the field this season, and the progress the team is making off the field toward a move to Las Vegas, there’s few fans who would disagree, The Raiders are well and truly back.  At the start of the season, we’d have all taken a first playoff-game in 14 years.

Vocalising what many believe and all of us hope, Del Rio announced that the future of the franchise is bright. “We are heading where we need to be heading,” he said urging the group to stick together, “This is just the beginning. We are not ready to stop”.