League Votes to send Raiders to Vegas

It’s that moment we have been waiting and hoping for but now it’s official- the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. At the league meeting in Phoenix, 31 out of the 32 league owners voted in favour of the relocation. Credit must go to owner Mark Davis and other Raiders officials for sticking to their guns and getting the move done.

The $1.9 billion stadium will begin to be built straight away and should be ready for 2020 (that’s right, few more years to wait im afraid). More information on buying tickets can be found here, and if you are interested in where the state of the art building will be placed then head to our dedicated page on the matter here.

It’s an extremely exciting time for the team and fans all round the world, and its sure to be an amazing opening game when it does finally take place. There is no doubt that a few years down the line that a Super Bowl will come to Las Vegas, for which the Raiders should be on the list of favourites to be in thanks to their form this year. Let the mad rush for tickets begin!



Jelani Jenkins joins Raiders

Free agent Jelani Jenkins, 6 feet and 240lbs, has signed with the Raiders.

The former Dolphins linebacker was drafted in 2013 at #104 overall (fourth round). He has played a total of 53 games in his career so far, which has seen more than his fair share of injuries, most notably to his knee last season.  Of those games, 34 were starts, including seven last season.

The Raiders will be hoping that Jelani Jenkins, who plays mostly weak-side, can capture his 2014 form when he led the Miami team with 108 tackles of which 81 were solo efforts.

Welcome to the dark side, Jelani.

It’s in the Runes with Cirque du Soleil

NFL Times Square ExperienceOne for the conspiracy theorists…

The NFL has just done a deal with The Cirque de Soleil (a Canadian acrobatic theatre company) to builkd a theatre and interactive exhibit in Times Square.

There are no fewer than Seven Cirque de Soleil shows currently in Las Vegas.  More than any other city.


New Identity to help Young Team

The last 10 or so years haven’t been favourable for the Oakland Raiders. Since 2004 the Raiders have been through seven different head coaches and multiple starting quarterbacks. Finally, in the 2015-16 season Raiders fans will started to see some light at the end of the tunnel when the team improved by four wins on the previous season to finish 7-9 on the year. Considering the Raiders play in a division against two playoff teams, one of which ended as the Superbowl champs, this isn’t a bad mark.

The Raiders finally have a reason to be optimistic because they have three key components they haven’t had in years; star players at quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker/defensive end. Quarterback Derrick Carr and Wide receiver Amari Cooper are going into the third and second years respectively, but both players have already been selected to the pro bowl after a clear connection was made between the two last season. Khalil Mack, the Raiders star linebacker, is one of the best in his position in the league despite only going into his third season and playing a position which regularly needs experience to perform at the highest level at. Combine these three players with an excellent free agency and a promising draft and you have a team that boasts one of the top-10 most talented rosters in the league.

The question that is raised here is could a change of identity help this team? After 10 years of being a distinctly average team, the ‘Oakland’ Raiders definitely have a reputation for being losers, and any team is going to come into your stadium brimming with confidence they are going to beat you. Move to Las Vegas and you’re a fresh team with a new start and teams won’t know what to expect.

If this team really wants to start winning now, then a move would be best for them. As the legendary Al Davis frequently said in his time as the owner of the team; Just Win, Baby!