Strip Clubs and the Vegas Raiders

Whenever there’s an opportunity these days, somebody is prepared to jump in, make a quick profit or benefit themselves and “to hell with the consequences”.

We’ve seen it elsewhere just this week.  One particularly idiotic member of the US military in Okinawa, Japan, decided to get out of her tree on drink and then drive the wrong way down a road, hitting two cars and injuring people.  Result is an alcohol ban on ALL military personnel in Japan.

And so we have it in Vegas.  Surprise, surprise.  A “gentlemen’s club” (meaning strip joint) has issued an offer of free limo transfers and free lap dances to all Las Vegas Raiders players so long as they remain on the roster.

I’m not mentioning their name here, because all they want is publicity and to hell with the consequences.

What might those consequences be?  Well, it doesn’t take a genius to think what those owners of a more puritanical bent will think.  And they all have a vote on if the Raiders get to move to Las Vegas in the first place.  Roger Goodell might still be alive, but he sure won’t be impressed by this opportunistic and premature marketing ploy.