Las Vegas to offer betting odds on NFL Draft

Its been just over two weeks since the Vegas Raiders were announced and already the way we bet on the NFL is changing. For the first time ever Las Vegas spotbooks are now offering odds on the 2017 NFL draft, which markets like when will the first kicker be drafted, how many quarterbacks will be selected in the first round and whether there will be more offensive or defensive players drafted in the first round.

Naturally all the action seems focused on the first round seeing as it is nationally televised and includes all the big-name prospects, rather than the latter few days which seem to drag on (unless you’re a player that’s drafted of course!). It may seem limited in the options available, but this is a huge step forward already.

You still won’t be able to bet on what pick a certain player will be drafted as there are laws and regulations against betting on something that could influence the decision of that pick, but nonetheless the wide array of markets means there should be something for everyone.

This is a strong step in the right direction, and who knows what other markets this will open up for both the games and anything else NFL related once the Raiders do actually move. There are already a significant number of betting markets for the NFL, but there is no doubt this will open up some more down the line.

Suddenly the draft has become even more important for some of us; make sure the Raiders pick the right player and win you some money in the process!